Monday, October 26, 2009

236. Exhibition Opening - A Heart with many Faces

people, Lesley University, Natanya
At the Levavot exhibition opening I asked the people to get creative and make a heart for me....this is what the group came up with.
The group wanted their faces to be seen - So, I bring you a heart with many faces!
Thank you to all who came - you warmed my heart!
*Content and photo © Nomi Helene 2009. All Rights Reserved


  1. Dear Nomi,

    We are sorry that we couldn't be there in person to cheer you on and be part of your human heart, but we were definitely there in spirit! The exhibition is gorgeous, and so are you!!!

    all our love, Elaine and Michael

  2. Dear Aunt Nomi,

    We love you so much and send you lots of rainbow hearts:-)

    Love, Kayla and Maya

  3. everything looks perfect. i'm sooo proud of you!


  4. Congratulations- was truely privileged to see and be a part of your amazing work at the exhibition!! May this be the first of many
    and keep up the good work in spreading the message
    Was an amazing exhibit

  5. I can see from the pics that you had lots of fun! I hope to be around for your future exhibitions.
    please send me links to the published interviews!

    love asi

  6. Hi Nomika,

    Loved being there, loved the atmosphere, loved everything. Your exhibition was tremendous! I just wonder what will be the amazing idea you'll come up with next...can't wait.

    Lots of love


  7. Elaine and Michael - you were totally there with me (I felt you).
    Kayla and Maya- Thanks for the rainbow hearts! I <3 U !!! and miss you!!!
    Maman - I am reminding you that you promised to be there for the next one ;-)
    Ron Rons -mmmmmmmmmmoi
    Asi - Missed you there - will do!
    Silvio - hmmmm - moi aussi! Thanks so much - um bejou!