Thursday, August 20, 2009

169. Dad and Mom Love Bar

carving in cement, At base of an electical column, Tel Aviv

I found this heart in the strangest of places: at the base of an electical column, surrounded by four walls. Were it not for Hugo sniffing the terrain this heart would have surely been missed.

Equally unusual for a cement street carving was the writing, "Dad and mom love Bar". I couldn't help but wonder who wrote this?

This heart seems desperately to crave security and unconditional love.

To help youth in distress via ENAV
*Content and photo © Nomi Helene 2009. All Rights Reserved


  1. I came at it from a slightly happier angle - Mommy and Daddy with their new baby "Bar" who want to forever shout their love for their new child... :-)

  2. Yes! I am so excited when others give their perspective. There are endless ways to read these - that is part of the fun.
    In this case, you are the optimist, and perhaps a new mommy?
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the name bar- it makes my heart beat- haha- those who know me know what i mean
    Nice image- well spotted Hugo!!