Sunday, August 16, 2009

165. Uh-Oh

rose quartz, broken pendant, Tel Aviv
This morning as I went to place this necklace around my neck it slipped through my fingers onto the floor. Rose quartz is a gemstone of love, so when I saw this heart had cracked in two my superstitious self was not very pleased.
This broken heart will not be glued, or replaced by a clone. I hope a new and improved heart will find its way to me - I promise to be more careful next time.
To get involved with the American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
*Content and photo © Nomi Helene 2009. All Rights Reserved


  1. Naomi - so sorry. But do not be disheartened - there are hearts everywhere - as you showed us this weekend. Hope tomorrow is a happier one. Z

  2. Thanks Z - it is hearts like yours that inspire me!
    And hey, I started my week off with a circular dance beneath the stars - how awesome is that!

  3. definitely know how that feels right now!!! LOVEEE what you're doing here kudos to your very creative idea :-) love coming back and seeing the new photos you post up take care!


  4. Thanks Juliet - hope your heart mends soon - in the mean time, keep up your work - looking good.

  5. Broken hearts always get mended eventually!!!- sorry about the neclace .May u have many rose quartz or even neclaces to come- your sight is an inspiration and love opening it every day first thing before i even have my coffe!!

  6. A good dose of love, and then coffee - now there's a compliment- xoxo