Monday, August 31, 2009

180. Y's Wish

cappuccino, Santa Monica, California, virtually found in Tel Aviv
I usually only post hearts found in Israel, but read on and you will see why I had a change of heart and made an exception to my rule.
This heart was sent to me by Y. (who asked that I leave his name out), with the following text:
"This is a pic I took for myself, but would like to share with you... I'm not sure if it's a heart or a bird, or both; but to me, in my context, it represents a wish. I hope you'll pray for it to come's from a date last week with a girl that I really liked. We're going out again tonight and I'm very excited and hoping that it goes well...I took the photo so that I could email it to her, because she liked the design (ironically, I don't have her email). "
In the name of love let's all pray for Y.!
Y.'s heart would love for others to support the Jewish National Fund
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