Sunday, July 26, 2009

144. The Style of Love

hair, Tel Aviv
Robert is my hairdresser, and the proud father of this beautiful heart. He and Alon are actually fathers of twins, but Dana was so active it was impossible to get them both in one picture.
This young heart, only a year and ten months old has one remarkable story to tell: Dana and her
twin brother Itay are the first of three things:
1. The first children from a surrogate to a gay couple in Bombay
2. The first children from a surrogate in Bombay to a gay couple in Israel
3. The first children in the world to only have their father's name appear on the birth certificate.
Like hair which can be styled and re-styled, and will never disintegrate; this heart was created to bring bundles of love, and will forever change our world.
Robert's heart would love for others to contribute to Mishelet Lev (Make-A-Wish Foundation of Israel), which helps grants wishes to children suffering from life threatening illnesses
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