Friday, July 24, 2009

142. Sarona Garden

stone path, Sarona Garden, Tel Aviv
Today my very solid and good friend Eyal took me to see a part of Tel Aviv I have passed many times, but never before explored - Sarona Garden.
This unique and charming section at the entrance of Tel Aviv dates back to 1871, and was originally a German Templers colony, which operated as an agricultural settlement. In the 1930's many Templers affiliated themselves with the Nazi party, and so began the beginning of the end of Sarona. In 1948 Sarona was taken over by the Israeli government and was renamed Hakirya. In 2008 Kaplan street was widened and 18 of the distinct architectural buildings were moved to be preserved and restored in what is today called Sarona Garden.
Today, as I walked on this heart filled path, I fell deeper in love with Tel Aviv.
Thank you Eyal for showing me this quaint part of Tel Aviv.
Eyal's heart would love for others to help fight heart disease via the Israel National Heart to Heart Association
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