Tuesday, June 23, 2009

111. The Negev

stones and sand, Park Timna, Negev
I used to have a love affair with the desert. I would go on a regular basis seeking out the wide open space filled with cascading, hypnotic hills. The Negev's calmness would almost instantly send me into a state of meditation. It has been a while since I have seen her beauty, so I was more than pleased when I received this heart last night.
Thank you Mervyn and Bella for collectively bringing a piece of the desert's beauty back to me.
Mervyn's heart would love for you to contribute to the animal shelter http://www.spca.org.il/english.php
Bella's heart very modestly asks that you contribute to The People's University Project at Tel Aviv University http://www.unibaam.tau.ac.il/Peoples_University.pdf
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  1. The desert contributed a lot to my life in Israel for so many yrs- truely miss those days and the affect its calmness had on me and remember with affection your many visits to the desert when u came to all the way to see me........ its contribution to my well- being has been remembered forever as a true character building experience- only see it now that have moved away- my heart remains in the negev desert