Saturday, June 6, 2009

94. The Land of Honey

filet, Neveh Sharet, Tel Aviv
Asi is one of the treasures I have found in the holy land. We met at the dog park two years ago, where I discovered his wisdom, intellect, humor, kindness and endless patience - since then he feeds my mind with food for thought on a regular basis.
Today, Asi fed me this delicious filet. As I was a vegetarian from 1993-2009, eating meat is still reatively new for me, but my taste buds were certainly loving this heart.
Thank you Asi for finally inviting me to the promised land of honey ("where there is no milk because we killed the cow")
Asi would love for others to check out this video and possibly adopt a dog via SOS in Herzeliya this Friday, June 12. For more information
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