Thursday, September 17, 2009

197. Interested?

spoons, Tel Aviv
Uri Geller became famous bending them
folk artists create music with them
Some people love to sleep like them
I am waiting for someone to join me for coffee with them...
Thank you Maman for sending me these teaspoons of love!
My mom's heart would love for others to support Yad Sarah in helping sick, disabled and elderly people and their families
*Content and photo © Nomi Helene 2009. All Rights Reserved


  1. next time i come i will join you for coffee,but i hope somebody else will use it before me


  2. The hearts of Yad Sarah's 6,000 volunteers are always on display! All of us at Yad Sarah who try and involve your heart in acts of kindness are blessed to know that your help mends broken and lonely hearts of all the people who use our services in Israel.
    Yad Sarah provides this medical attention to one out of two Israeli families!
    Please learn more about us by having coffee with one of us as well as visiting our website!
    I can be reached in Toronto at 416-781-6416. I look forward to your call, Arlene