Tuesday, May 19, 2009

76. Wishing Daniella a Year Filled with Love

birthday candles, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan
Were it not for Daniella's birthday Yona would not have organized to bring a cake, and Shira would not have brought the candles. So, three wonderful women bring us today's hearts.
When something really touches our hearts it is forever. With that in mind:
Shira's heart cares about Hostel Nathan (see entry March 31, 2009)
Daniella's heart cares about Yuvalim http://www.yuvalim.org/ (see entry March 19, 2009)
Yona, who has not appeared in this blog before is an inspiring 61 year old woman - I hope to be half as sexy and feminine as she is when I get to her age. As a psychotherapist and sex councelor she tells me that her heart is connected to helping people with special needs http://nitzan-israel.org.il/main/siteNew/index.php?langId=3&page=335&sub=Brown
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