Tuesday, April 21, 2009

48. Holocaust Remembrance Day

envelope, Tel Aviv (sent from Switzerland)
Today's heart has a remarkable story: My grandmother in Switzerland has a Togolese, Evangelist caretaker named Dorcas, who studied theology, visited Israel, and feels strongly about the country. In gratitude for her work, my grandmother requested that I purchase an Israeli flag and send it to her to give to Dorcas.
Here in Israel, there is a tiny shop near my home which is run by a holocaust survivor (I know this because I have seen the numbers tattooed on her arm). I try and give this woman my business as often as I can, so when asked to buy a flag I went to her shop. I was thrilled she had flags, and she was thrilled when I told her the flag was going to Switzerland.
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I couldn't believe that of all days I received Dorcas' thank you letter with a coincidental heart on the envelope.
This heart sends a message that the Israeli flag ensures that we will never forget!
Dorcas started a foundation called Action Lumiere which helps children throughout Africa in many aspects, including education. For more info http://www.moneyhouse.ch/u/fondation_action_lumiere_et_zoe_CH- (the site is currently in German and French, but you can contact them for more info in English).

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  1. What a beautiful story, Nomi, for Yom HaShoah. I have family in Paris, and my own grandparents survived work camps. Those numbers were a constant reminder. - Gayle