Thursday, March 4, 2010

365! My Interpretation of the Last Supper: Eat Your Heart Out

sunglasses, t-shirts, bread, Tel Aviv

For the last supper of Levavot I served a four course meal where everything on the menu was heart-shaped:
My Interpretation of The Last Supper: Eat Your HEART Out
Thank you to the 13 amazing people in this picture, to winged cupid (Hugo) - and to everyone else who supported me throughout this year!

This evening was documented by to come....

The hearts in this picture support the following organizations:
* CLICK (Community Leadership & Intervention of Crisis for Kids and the Elderly)
* CHAI (Concern for Helping Animals in Israel) in helping to stop animal abuse
* brain research to fight disease
* PITCHON-LEV in helping the needy in Israel
* Israel National Heart to Heart Association
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