Monday, November 30, 2009

271. Doors

sticker, Tel Aviv
I saw this door on the made me think:
Some doors we are afraid to open - our active imaginations are usually more frightening than what is on the other side.
Some doors we open and then choose to close - we have no need to turn back.
Other doors we choose to leave open - holding on to options can sometimes feel safe.
And there are those doors that just get in the way, and while we would love to toss them there is always a price to pay.
Whoever threw away this door lost a heart in the process...makes me wonder...was it worth it?
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*Content and photo © Nomi Helene 2009. All Rights Reserved


  1. I like to believe that closing doors will open new ones- thanks for this post is was relebant to me - hope closing my door to my heart was worth it- time will merely tell.

  2. Ron rons,
    Sometimes we need to close a door to open another. Just imagine the great things that are waiting for you behind all those new, unexplored doors...

  3. Ron Rons,

    Sometimes we need to close a door to open a new one. Just imagine all the great things waiting behind those new, unexplored doors!